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Kerffufler news - A brand new way to read news like no other site before it

Learn more about this very site, from its very unique functions to the journey of its development.

02 April 2020 22:51

An Advanced Higher Computing Project

Built from the ground up, Kerffufler news is a brand-new site dedicated to bringing its viewer's top stories from an expert team of writers and reporters.

With a key focus on usability and design, the site's got numerous functions that make it completely and utterly unique, and unlike any other site on the internet:

  • Browse all articles, free of charge and without signing up.
  • Sign up to unlock special features, such as setting up a personal news filter, where you can select the types of news that come to you.
  • No ads, because no one is dumb enough to sponsor the site
  • Military-grade password encryption, using the very complicated stock PHP password encryption function.
  • Three different layouts, so the site can be viewed on desktops, tablets, phones, and anything between.

Humbly hosted on a little Raspberry-Pi web-server, Kerffufler News uses many a coding language within its files, including:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front-end of the site
  • PHP and MySQLi for the server-side processing
  • Python for the truly groundbreaking PACS (Python Article Compiler Subprogram), which is used to create webpages and edit the database just by entering the details alone into it.

Development for one, please

Independently designed and developed, Kerffufler News is just one part of (which can be viewed in the footer of the site). As a school computing project, this site was developed over a span of around 6-8 months, from the very first ideas to the finished product you are seeing right now.

Please enjoy your time on this site, if you break anything be sure to contact

Farewell, reader.

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