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Performances of Vivaldi's Four Seasons to remove Winter due to climate change

To more accurately reflect the modern seasons of many countries which have seen little snow in many years, orchestras worldwide have started to skip the fourth concerto from the infamous and most well-known work of Vivaldi.

05 April 2020 01:36

As a result of the increasing temperature of the Earth, many countries that used to adorn the cold season of winter no longer experience the beauty of snow-covered landscapes and worsened traffic.

This more recent change has caused many orchestras and classical music groups to omit the season to more depict the harsh reality that is the real-life omission of what many call a "proper" winter.

If our environment continues to decline as it has in recent years, there may a generation who don't even know what winter is. Although it's a sad thought, we, as modern orchestras must adapt to these types of circumstances.

Derik Conners, Conductor

It's a shame that such measures are taking place, but perhaps there's a silver lining to it all. Maybe if enough of these harsh actions are put into place, people will start to do more for the environment, including helping to decrease carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

As for now, winter in both the real and orchestral world has been unfortunately stunted for the near future, so it may be a while until you hear the icy pizzicato sounds of Vivaldi's acclaimed concerto.

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