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Popstar sues Beethoven on grounds of copyright infringement

Artist Tyler Quick sues the classical german composer for supposedly stealing melodies from his latest single.

05 April 2020 18:03

Three strikes and you're out

It seems these days that musicians, producers, and record labels alike can't quite get enough of finding ways to grab the hard-earned money from other unsuspecting artists that had no idea just how vigilant the big companies truly are.

This time however, instead of an inexperienced creator or a misinformed remixer, a case has been made for renowned composer Ludwig van Beethoven, specifically for a melody line in the first movement of his Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor.

Certain of success, Tyler seems to have not bothered to hire an actual lawyer in his case.

His melody line is like, pretty similar to my new single, which you guys should totally listen to, it's pretty fire y'know what I'm saying.

Tyler Quick

Unfortunately, no one seemed to know what he was saying.

Mixed morals

Although Quick is confident that his case will end up to be a successful one, many think that he should call it off, as the concerto has become so well-known that it shouldn't be claimed by any individual person apart from Beethoven himself, who unfortunately died just 193 years prior to this claim.

It's outrageous! Even if Beethoven did take some minor inspiration from Tyler's music, I think this whole case should just be discarded.

Nancy, classical music listener

Unfortunately, Beethoven's grave refused to comment.

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