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Not so super anymore - Hero sued after causing millions in collateral damage

The locally praised superhero has been sued by the county's council after causing too much damage to buildings and surrounding areas.

04 April 2020 19:09

From hero to zero

Saving lives on the daily seems like the ideal career, but this job seems to have some unfavourable repercussions. The council's main claims for the court case can be summarised in a few key points:

  • Punching Villians and flying through walls is unnecessary and was argued to only be done for showy-off purposes and to creatic dramatic effect. However, this violates many safety guidelines and endangers the people inside the buildings, as the structural integrity is compromised. Additionally, this also drives building insurance so far that small businesses are struggling to cope.
  • Overly-dramatic landings from flight have resulted in the roads being filled with potholes and craters that many road users have complained about. This once again knocks the council's costs for road repair many times higher than counties with no superhero presence.
  • Due to the company of the hero and their arch enemies, globally life-threatening events keep happening in the area, which is both bad for the health and wellbeing of the local population but is also a deterrent for most sane tourists who aren't looking for the world's most dangerous holiday.

For many years now, the heroic figure has been operating without much opposition, but some locals are growing tired of having to deal with the extraordinary on a very much ordinary basis.

The first few events were pretty cool and all, but after being thrown out of windows by one person and caught a few feet off the ground by another is getting pretty tiring and frankly quite annoying!

Davie Daniels, a local citizen

Claiming over 80 million pounds in unnecessary destruction costs, looks like this dangerous defender might have to switch professions for a while…

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